Farm to School

95% of early care and education providers we surveyed choose farm to school because it teaches children where food comes from
— Farm to School Network

Nearly 23 percent of children ages 2-5 are overweight or obese in the United States. Not only are these children at higher rick for significant health challenges, social issues and emotional problems, but children who are not well nourished are also not able to function well in school. 

Picture credits: Cornucopia Project & Stonewall Farm

With 8 million children spending an average of 33 hours per week in early care and education settings, farm to school has the potential to set up a significant number of young children  for success with healthy habits and high quality learning environments.

Farm to Early Care and Education

The Monadnock Region is ripe with farm to school educators, classroom-ready curriculum, professional trainings and resources. Contact our member organizations and get your school involved TODAY! 


GET INVOLVED with Harvest of the Month

For Educators: 

  • Download the educator flyers for interesting facts, great activities and quick lessons each month from the Harvest of the Month website.

  • Professional Development workshops are available to you, your school and community. Contact Beth Roy or Marilyn Wyzga

  • Use the in-depth, standard-linked Harvest Lessons in your classroom

For Food Service Professionals:

  • Sign the pledge to begin receiving posters at your work site and display them in a prominent location

  • Offer monthly taste tests incorporation HoM materials

  • Check out Monadnock Menus for fresh, wholesome and locally grown food delivered to you! Contact Alex McCullough for more information

For Families:

  • Check out the NH Harvest of the Month website for fun, make-at-home recipes featuring spotlight, seasonal produce

  • Become a HoM ambassador and connect with other parents or volunteers to deliver the curriculum to your children's school

  • Integrate content from HoM "Home" flyer into conversation and meals