Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition is a coalition of 91 member organizations and 48 individual members who come together regularly in Quarterly Forums and monthly Working Groups to build a robust, effective, and sustainable local food system throughout the Monadnock Region in alignment with the Healthy Monadnock strategy to increase healthy eating.


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Our Food System
at a Glance



  • Total land in agricultural production (2012 USDA CENSUS OF AGRICULTURE):

  • Cheshire: 63,292 acres

  • Hillsborough: 47,707 acres

  • Total # of farms: 1095

consumption & distribution

  • NH eats 5% of food grown here (lowest in New England states)

  • NH ranked #1 in products sold by direct marketing includes: farmers’ markets, farm stands and pick your own fruits and vegetables.

  • Direct marketing accounts for 12% of NH farm food sales.

Public Health

  • Among the US states, NH ranks 49th in providing school breakfast program.

  • NH ranks 45th in the nation for public healthcare funding

farm viability

  • As of 2012, 52% of farmers worked a second, off-farm job

  • Nearly 1/3 of NH farms are owned and operated by women; well above the national average

  • The average age of NH farmers; 57


  • There are 6 active agricultural commissions in our region

  • MFCC hosts an annual quarterly forum dedicated to advocating for policy supportive of agriculture

access & affordability

  • There are 13 community gardens in the Monadnock Region

  • Two gleaning programs provide food pantries with fresh, local food

  • The Monadnock Food Coop and Hannafords offer programs to lower costs of vegetables and fruit

  • The Keene Housing Buying Club brings local, farm fresh fruits and vegetables to Keene Housing-assisted households

  • Granite State Market Match (SNAP, previously) offers qualified residents to "double up" on vegetable and fruit purchases


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.”

— NADIA Shabazz

Our Members

Our 91 member organizations commit to contributing to the mission, vision and Strategic Plan by cooperating with other members and sharing resources to meet our shared goals. 

Our 48 individual members commit to actively contributing to the mission and vision on a personal level, as well as engaging in Quarterly forums and in monthly Working Groups. Individual members contribute resources such as time, money goods, or expertise to MFCC to ensure the achievement of our collective goals.

Get Involved!

Membership is free! Only requirement is a sincere concern for and need of local food. There all sorts of way to get involved.

MFCC member volunteer opportunities: