Infrastructure Needs Assessment convening - April 2017

Thanks to a HNH Foundation You Have Our Trust grant, over 30 local food stakeholders convened at Stonewall Farm to participate in round table breakout discussions to identify two priority actions/initiatives to meet current farm infrastructure needs. Priority items will be taken to the Infrastructure Working Group to implement over the next 18 months.

Stakeholders prepared for the event by familiarizing with "Monadnock Local Food Infrastructure Assessment" drafted for the event by Sarah Harpster and Daniel Prial. Dave Chase, moderator, orchestrated successful outcomes for the event by providing ample time for brainstorming and distillation of information. Many ideas, important feedback, collective processing of information resulted in 2-3 top network priorities. These include the need for: light processing/short-term storage, stronger data sharing/network, and better utilization of present assets. 

Priority items will be taken into monthly Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) meetings for implementation steps over the next 18 months. 


More conversation and idea-swapping was exchanged over a delicious lunch prepared by The Community Kitchen catering. 

For further information, updates or to join the IWG, visit the Infrastructure Working Group page. 

Thank you to Julie Davenson of Stonewall Farm for her support with this event! 

Report: Monadnock Local Food Infrastructure Assessment
Notes:   Infrastructure Needs Assessment convening